Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Here are some of my WIP Cross Stitches

This is one that my boyfriend got me, I havent started it quite yet. But I am very much looking forward to starting it, as it looks beautiful!

This one is Tinkerbell from Disney. I love Tinkberbell, and this cross stitch took me months to do. I still have to finish her wings, and then she is complete. Getting this proffessionally framed as I am so proud of it!

This Cross Stitch is the H66 Heart To Heart Wedding Sampler. Although I am doing it for my boyfriends Mum & her Husband for there anniversary, so I am changing the wording slightly. The outside border took me a whole week to do, but I was so pleased when I finished it!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009



Welcome to my blog!

This blog is all about the joys of cross-stitching. I will be posting pictures of my cross stitches, and have links of various websites that I have enjoyed looking around. As this blog is new, any feedback is most welcome.